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Why is NUTRITION so Important for health

Hello Friends,  

* see today my topic is about Nutrition it is very very Important point and to we must know about it. a Good & Balanced Nutrition is very beneficial for us. See,  the way we look, we feel & perform Overall our good requirement without nutrition it is not possible that is why we must add nutrition into our lives and understand it properly in order to apply into our lifestyles Lets talk about nutrition with little more detailed way. and try to understand it. See Now a days Nutrition importance has increased drastically, perhaps it was not there before. you & 

* we clearly know that what food we are eating does not contain all the nutritions and due to that we are not giving a complete nutrition to our body it is effecting our health and most of all on our complete life too that is why, a good nutrition is required for us See, A good Nutrition means a food, which can maintain a required energy balance into our body as you know, if our body dose not have the energy, which will not allow to perform well and it is must to have a good nutrition into our lifestyle if, we talk more about it for an example that our energy balance. like our calories what we intake, suppose an example we take 2000 calories & burning just 1000 calories.

* which will result that 1000 calories are still our body having, which can turn into FAT and it can deposit into our body and end result, we gain the body weight. in a same way, if we eat less calories and burn more we will simply loss our body weight Here good nutrition plays a big role and it keeps neutral balance of energy into our body and we must add it so that our body whatever calories we are taking and at the same time we are burning it as result, we are getting proper nutrient we are maintaining the body weight and achieve overall a good health I would like to tell you that we hear in nutrition an another name called nutrient density, which also we need to understand. nutrient density means in a portion of food, how much and what type of nutrition is there? to know that we must seek the nutrient density. 

* See, for a good and optimum health nutrient plays a very big role into our body it is very essential and helpful too which can provide us a complete and optimum health and we can achieve our long terms goals related to health & fitness if we talk more about nutrition that some people generally avoid nutrition and they focus on body composition like they workout a lot and due to that they get into injuries, their body weight decreases & even body goes into catabolic state, which results lot of issues hence, we must take care of it it is very essential to add a good nutrition in a complete way and add into the lifestyle. 

* See, I would like to tell you along with the nutrition that we must add a nutrition that has the best outcome we are taking nutrition through our food, but how we are taking, how much we are taking if we do not understand this, which definitely the result will not be satisfied. that is why it is also important that what we are eating? how we are eating? and how much we are eating? what time we are eating? we must concentrate on these points too to achieve a good & optimum health. 

* we have few limiting factors in our body and by consuming good nutrition we can remove them Limiting Factor, generally means that our physiological process, which is used to function our standard body reactions and smoothly control them to perform well. which is being limited in absence of good nutrition. Basically we can overcome, if we eat right nutrition and include a good portion of it into our food. basic limiting factors are few and the first one is genetics each and every individual is not genetically blessed some people loss the weight very fast some people lose the body weight very slowly some  people gain the body weight too fast some people get good muscles very fast but some not, it depends this is a genetic factor but if we add good nutrition into our food and which can allow us to breakup this fact and even we can achieve a good health second factor is exercise exercises are very useful to keep up lifestyle active and to perform well we must know the right way of doing the exercises, but we should know that which exercise and how much intensity and how long, we need to do it what is the duration of it. we must know about it as well. 

* Third point is our mind set see, whatever we want to do, it is must to have a thought  or an idea as it is very much required we must have positive thinking and a right and good daily plan to perform our work. we can achieve our goal of good health Next point is about physiology as it also plays a very good role, if we see our harmon levels issues our metabolic issues and functions are working properly or not we must pay attention on these as well we must eat our food slowly and chew it properly so that it digests nicely and we get complete benefit out of our food, what we eat. along with that next important point. 

* we can say our nutrition or our food see, we must pay attention to it and see the body requirement by doing a calculation. we can easily calculate that how much calories are required and how much we are burning, how we are burning it, it clearly depends on our lifestyle, which we carry what type of lifestyle we have, is it normal  or active or more active we must remember this too. by seeing all these points, we can understand the nutrition point and can easily maintain a good nutrition so please, keep this in your mind always observe what you are eating, remember the nutrition values. 

* We will talk in my coming videos more about nutritions in a detailed way, which will cover the macro nutrients, micro nutrients and even our vitamins minerals, what every required food related points, which are essential for our health and to give us what we really look for Please like my videos and do not forget to subscribe my channel thank you so much for your support 


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