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How to be safe from corona-virus in 2020

     How to be safe from corona-virus in 2020


* Corona-virus is not a joke people not following all the guidance and rules declared by the UN and WHO i humble request to all the peoples in the world to take care of their health by not coming out from their homes when their is no emergency required because if we not follow all this guidelines then we will can face a big impact to our earth.

* If you follow the rules then you will be the hero for your country and you have a big contribution for the earth if we people follow all the guidance given to us then we will face this situation very easily.

* In every country people are scared right it's good to be scared because this scared feeling give us strength to fight to helpful for others.

* We don't have to create problems for the government and the country by not following the rules if we follow the rules it will not only help us safe but also became for those we love a lot, for those we care, for those we don't want to loose.

* If i follow the rules then i will be a hero, if the doctor help peoples to make them safe they are also hero but when we follow rules then we are also the savior of our planet,earth and the universe.

* I am making my contribution to help people aware them so please follow the rules i am sharing with you in these images.

* Follow these simple steps to stop the spread and you can also     share this post to others to feel safe and united.

         ****  Be Safe **** Be United ****  Be Strong ****


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